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Sism_KML, WinPomp BMP_Digitize and WinTomo are freeware for non commercial use . You can download any soft and try it with your own data for a limited time ! Click on PDF to display data sheet, press DOWNLOAD  to get a demo version. This version will work for a limited time, but you can process your own data without limitation.
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: Windows Xp, 6, 7, 8 Windows 10 has fully been tested. Apple Emulators have been sucessfully tested !

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Refraction in Niger
Seismic refection in Switzerland
Uphole in Tunisia
WINSIM Seismic refraction processing Visual SUNT Seismic reflection processing Win_DownHole Downhole seismic
Electrical Sounding
WinTomo KML
WINSEV Electrical sounding Crosshole tomography Seismic lines on Google map
GeoTomCG Crosshole Tomography
TomTime Picking for GeoTom
Pumping test in Sahara Training in Dakha (Bangladesh)
Particule velocity WINTRACE short injection tracing tests Teaching seismic